Canopy Options

Snugtop, quality premium canopies.

Canopy Options

Sportsmans Packages, Powder Coated Cargo Rack, Clothes Hanger...

Sportsmans Package

You can purchase our Snugtop “Sportsmans package” as just that.. a package or you can individually order the items.

Our Sportsmans Package provides a greater roof loading capacity as your canopy will be manufactured to include a double reinforced 1” thick roof, the corners of your Canopy have extra reinforcement as do any critical stress points. The package also comes with your fishing rod holders and clothes hanger!

Canopy supports up to 220Kilos.

Sportsmans Package

Powder Coated Cargo Roof Rack

Powder Coated Cargo Rack

Adjustable roof rack system available on CabHi, Xtra Vision and Hi Liner Canopies, weather resistant powder coating, 220kilo load capacity and 5 structural warranty.

Clothes Hanger

A must for travellers!!

12" of hanging space, this clothes hanger is made from durable high quality polymer material.

Clothes Hanger

Snugtop Bedrug

Snugtop Bedrug

The total package, the bedrug is waterproof and mildew resistant.

Snugtops optional window

 Snugtops optional windoor is available for all vehicles. XV shown on right.

Window or lift up side glass option

Yakima racks

Yakima Rack

Yakima together with Snugtop have deigned racks to carry just about anything, we can order the right rack for you.

The convenience of KEYLESS REMOTE is now available for your Snugtop Canopy.

(Not available on Cab Hi or Hi Liner)

Canopy Pet Screens

Canopy Pet Screen

Yakima Roof Top tents now available through Snugtop Australia

Fishing Rod Holders

Our Fishing Rod Holders are a great addition to your Ford F250 CanopyFord F350 Canopy,  Dodge Ram CanopyToyota Tundra Canopyor your GMC Canopy.   Your fishing Rods will be stored neatly and securely on the inside roof, the fishing rod holders are corrosion proof.  We have ensured your rods will be safe due to our foam grip pads, these pads ensure the rods stay secure during transportation.

Fishing Rod Holder

Reinforced Canopy

If you carry a heavy load on your Canopy then it is vital to have the Canopy roof reinforced.  Snugtop have ensured that every part of your ute canopy is strong enough to withstand a heavy load by reinforcing not just the roof but also your corners and critical stress points of your canopy, Snugtop do this on any Canopy that is ordered with a roof rack or if you are fitting a roof rack here in Australia you can order your

with a reinforced roof and it will be ready to go when it arrives to be fitted on to your vehicle.