Nissan D40 Dual Cab Canopy – ABS

Snugtop, quality premium canopies.

Nissan D40 Dual Cab Canopy – ABS

Maxtop produce canopies for Mitsubishi Australia and export world wide.

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Pictured below is the “Rebel” Canopy by Snugtop, this canopy gives you the option of toughened sliding side windows or lift up side windoors, fully lined, smooth finish factory colour coded fiberglass finish. The Rebel has smaller windows than the Extra Vision.

The D40 canopy comes fully lined, factory colour coded, interior light, high mount stop light and sliding front glass.  Maxtop pride themselves on strength and durability and fully reinforce every canopy roof as a standard feature, roof racks are also standard on every Maxtop canopy.