Nissan D40 Genuine Canopy XTR

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Nissan D40 Genuine Canopy XTR

Snugtop’s XTR and XTV canopy is designed specifically for the Nissan D40 and has a style never seen on the Australian market, this canopy has been designed to look like an extension of the truck itself and these canopies are the Genuine Nissan Australia Canopies.

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The XTR has something a little different with its built in tubular roof racks. The XTR and XTV has standard features being black tinted glass all around and of course toughened glass.

The XTR canopy comes fully lined, interior light, external LED brake light, pop out side glass for ventilation, heavy duty struts and hardware and a one piece fiberglass construction, the only difference with the XTV is that is has side lift up glass.

Just let us know what colour your Nissan D40 is and we will have the factory colour code your canopy.