Snugtop F150 Outback Canopy

Snugtop, quality premium canopies.

Snugtop F150 Outback Canopy

Snugtop’s Outback is leading the way in truck tops/Canopies. The Outback carries a whopping 250kg.

Snugtop - Amazing possibilities

This canopy gives you the option of toughened sliding side windows or lift up side windoors, fully lined, smooth finish factory colour coded fiberglass finish. The Rebel has smaller windows than the Extra Vision.

This canopy has been designed for work or pleasure, the barn style doors are incredibly functional and sliding side windows with flywire screens keep the flies and insects out if you wish to use it as a sleeper or you can fit pet screens as an option, you have a choice of roof racks, roof tracks or a basket depending on your requirements, the quality in the outback is outstanding.