Snugtops Range of Canopies

Snugtop, quality premium canopies.

Snugtops Range of Canopies

Our Supersport Canopy has frameless curved tinted glass, the finish of the Snugtop Canopy against your truck blends perfectly.

Snugtop - Amazing possibilities

The Rebel Canopy has a great shape, a little more affordable still with all the features you need.  Rebel has flush mounted glued in sliding windows with screens.

The Snugtop Expo Canopy has the same shape as our Supersport Canopy however the window closest to your trucks cabin pops out.
Optional extra is the pet screen.

USB power socket, standard on all our Snugtop rang

The Xtra Vision Canopy has an enlarged all glass rear door and expanded frame side windows with removable screens. The Cab Hi has all the features that the Snugtop range include however this canopy is designed for those who prefer a more traditional shape. The Hi Liner gives you that little bit more room, the rear door is also increased in size for optimum convenience. The X Pro Range is our Commercial style Canopies available for the Toyota Hilux, Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350 & F450, Dodge, GMC and Chev.

The XTR This Canopy comes with the round tubular style roof racks that are in built to the roof, these canopies are available for the Nissan D40 Dual Cab and the Ford F150 Dual Cab.

Order are being taken now for this outstanding canopy, different to anything else on the market