VW Amarok Canopy - Fibreglass

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VW Amarok Canopy - Fibreglass

Our VW Amarok Canopy is different from any other VW Canopy that is available on the Australian market.

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Our Volkswagen Amarok Canopy is made and manufactured in the USA, the only product on the Australian market that has the right to say this and completely assembled on the production line prior to being packaged and delivered to Australia.

Our Amarok Canopy is produced from a one piece fibreglass mould ensuring that the smooth finish on our canopies is just that, no lumps, bumps or joins, this ensures that the finish of our product is exceptional and the strength is exactly what is promised and delivered.

VW Amarok Canopy

WV Amarok Fiberglass Canopies

Our VW Amarok Ute Canopy has been designed by Snugtop together with Volkswagen (Europe) ensuring that our design is unique and is a continuation of the shape of the Amarok itself, it looks like it is the genuine article.

Our glass is frameless, tinted and thickened to ensure maximum protection and considerably less risk of breakage, all struts and hinges are heavy duty and our tailgate pro lock is the same as what is used on our Commercial line of Canopies.

Our Amarok Canopy has been designed using state of the art technology, Snugtop uses computer controlled equipment and an automated paint line to ensure our quality is something that no other manufacturer can offer.

All our VW Amarok Canopies come with a heavy duty charcoal grey rug that ensures the inside has the same quality as the outside.

Our Amarok Canopies have hidden mounting points which ensure that fitment is simplified and due to the precise shape matching to your ute body, it takes any hassle out of fitting.

Our Volkswagen Amarok Canopies are delivered to Australia in soft foam packaging, followed by heavy duty cardboard wrapping then crated in timber to ensure that the canopy that leaves the production line is in the same quality when it is fitted to your Amarok Ute.

Snugtop offers a lifetime paint warranty (limitations apply) on all of their Canopy and Hard lid range.

Snugtop offer a range of accessories including remote tailgate locking, front drop down slider and roof racks.