Nissan D40 Extra Cab

Snugtop, quality premium canopies.

Nissan ST, Nissan ST-X & Nissan ST-X 550

Snugtop produces 4 Nissan Navara D40 Extra Cab Canopies.

Snugtop - Amazing possibilities

All our canopies come fully lined and factory colour coded in the USA, the XTR and Supersport have an option of remote locking.

All 4 Nissan Canopies can have fishing rod holders installed in the roof, drop down front sliders, front sliders or fixed glass.

The XTR - Genuine Nissan Canopy, 2” tubular roof rails.

The Supersport - Same look as the XTR however the Supersport allows roof reinforcement and can carry up to 250kg, you can chose to have roof rails factory fitted which means you can then slide whatever cross over bars you wish. Eliminates any drilling and labour costs

The Hi Liner - Great shape and perfect if you require extra space.

The Cab Hi - Uses the same shape mould as the Extra Vision.  This Nissan Navara Canopy has smaller windows and you can choose from Sliding glass or Lift up side glass